Would you like for us to film in your town

Jelly Bean Jr. Productions will be filming in a town like yours in September/October/November. 
If you would like for us to consider your town for our next feature film please send images and
interesting facts about your town to Publicrelations@jellybeanjrproductions.com

What type of locations are we looking for?

We have 7-9 locations to film: Downtown, fall festival, inside/outside of school, sidewalks in residential area, 2 houses, offices.

We would like a quaint little town with a lot of character for our location. This film will have halloween scenes, fall festivals, trick or treaters etc.

Do you need background workers?

We will be casting non-paid background workers for each location.

How do I apply to be a background worker

Once we've chosen the locations, we will make an announcement requesting background workers.